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How to Choose Car Audio for a Convertible? Installing a good car audio system in the convertible can sometimes be challenging because of wind and road noise. Before the summer, I did some research about convertible sound systems, so let me share with you what I have found out. How to choose the best car audio for a convertible? The most important in the convertible are […]


Choosing The Right Stereo System Automotive stereos have come a long way over the past decade with manufacturers adding new features and additions regularly. As cassette players have now been phased out and CD players beginning to be as well, new technology such as MP3 compatibility and mobile phone connectivity are now becoming more common in-vehicle sound systems. Check out the latest Effuel reviews. With […]


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Seasons Screamings with Barry!

The biggest mistake I see athletes make is performing the wrong type of training at the wrong time. You may make gains, but you’re more likely to peak at the wrong time. Use the following off-season and in-season training guides to ensure that you’re spending time on workouts that will help you perform your best in clutch situations on the field or court. Guide to […]

Barry at Sinister Pointe

Barry at Sinister Pointe

After all, weight loss involves making a major change to your body. Beyond brushing up on helpful tips, you should consult a doctor and a credible weight loss program like Noom. This is a key step to ensure that the decisions you make aren’t going to just help you lose weight, but are sustainable, approved by registered dietitians, and are healthy choices that aren’t going […]