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Seasons Screamings with Barry!

The biggest mistake I see athletes make is performing the wrong type of training at the wrong time. You may make gains, but you’re more likely to peak at the wrong time. Use the following off-season and in-season training guides to ensure that you’re spending time on workouts that will help you perform your best in clutch situations on the field or court. Guide to […]

Barry at Sinister Pointe

Barry at Sinister Pointe

Looking for something to do this Friday? In case you missed him at Midsummer Scream, Barry will be at Sinister Pointe’s SCARY PLACE this Friday, October 12th. He will be offering tarot card and palm readings from opening until he gets tired from all that looking into the future. And best of all, it’s FREE with admission into SCARY PLACE. In addition, SCARY PLACE has plenty of […]

Midsummer Scream

It’s midsummer and the Fourth of July is behind us! If you’re like me, you’ve let your diet slip a little. It’s so easy to cheat, especially around the Fourth. I’ve found challenges like this one (even if it’s relatively short) help me reset my mindset and appetite and improve my success with eating clean, check out more from these proven reviews. My goal with […]