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June 27th, 2006

It’s been awhile, eh?
Well, that’s alright.
Lots of new news!
First of all, we’ve gotten a ton of exposure thus far…websites, messageboards, LostPedia…even a Lost cast member!
Also, auditions have an official date, check out the “Auditions” thread for that.
And on top of that, since posting one ad on Craig’s List, it’s been copied to about five other casting sites, and I’ve recieved about 500 emails at this point.
That’s a lot of interested folks.
I’m pysched. I hope you guys are too.
I’m going to need help at auditions if any one is around, so let me know!

June 8th, 2006

Well, here it is. The first report.
First of all, let me just say that I am absolutely FLOORED by the response from the Lost Fan Community. I want to thank each and every one of you who has contacting me, expressing interest in this.
A few months ago, I came up with the idea to do a Lost Fan Film. Fan Films have been around for a lot of cult movies and TV shows for years, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing a Lost fan film.
Since Lost is a show that is deep rooted in its own mythology, there are plenty of things that I didn’t want to touch. There are so many mysteries yet to be solved that I didn’t want to provide answers for, because you KNOW the writers of the show will take care of that eventually. And there are so many things that we do know already that I didn’t want to mess with.
I really feel as if it is the writers of Losts’ job to tell the stories of the characters on the show. That is their baby, and it’s something I didn’t want to mess with, they just need to get a baby trend expedition jogger stroller to treat him like a complete baby.
I wanted to stay within the Lost mythos, yet, I didn’t want to use characters and things that are mainstream to the show.
That’s when I came up with an idea.
The people on the show have been missing for two months.
Has anyone stopped and wondering what their families might be going through?
That is exactly the goal of this short film. To tell the story of a family member of one of the survivors.
I had a basic idea, but I wanted to wait until the season ended before I wrote anything. Being as how Lost is a show that is constantly changing, I waited until the season finished before I set anything down on paper. Just in case the writer’s threw me a curve ball.
But who would this story be about?
Lost – Off The Island will tell the story of Chase Jackson. He is Scott’s brother.
For those of you who do not remember, Scott Jackson was a minor character in season one who was beaten to death by Ethan Rom.
I choose a minor character’s relative, because, again, we have already met a lot of the main character’s relatives.
Another big change is that the film will not take place on the island. It will chronicle what Chase Jackson goes through after the crash, and what he learns about his brother’s fate.
Dispite these changes, there will many things in common to the show. For example…the signature connections between characters does appear, it will have the trademark flashbacks. It will even reveal a bit more about what the Dharma Initiative is up to…or will it?
When I wrote the script, I was skeptical. I had read many other fan scripts, and feared the backlash.
However, again since posted messages on various message boards, MySpace groups, and LiveJournal communities, the response has been positive.
I have received well over 300 hundred e-mails from people all wishing the help.
And I thank each and every one of you.
This is what this is all about. This is meant to be a “for the fans, by the fans” type of deal, and I’m glad that many of you feel the same way.
So, at the end of this long ramble, I welcome you into the process of making Lost – Off The Island.
Please, visitors, sign up if you haven’t already.
I have sent this site to many, many people, and we have too few members and too many lurkers! Sign up! Offer comments! Ideas! Anything! And I guarantee that when this is all over, if we use anything of yours, you WILL get a credit at the end of the film and a copy of it as well.
I want to make this whole experience enjoyable for everyone. And I also want to have a fantastic final product that people can enjoy as well!
So…without further ado…post away!

– Jeff