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Diner is…done!

Today, Mike sent me the third draft of the diner script.

I’m happy to say that it’s pretty much done. We’re going to do some grammar stuff, but aside from that, it’s complete.

Truth be told, we’re both very proud of it. So proud, actually, that we don’t think we’re going to do it. We might try to market. Mike’s going to send it off to the woman he interned for, and see what she thinks. The script is really solid, and very funny. It comes in at 117 pages, but it’s mostly snappy talking, so it would probably be around an hour and a half.  We’ll see.

I started adapted that short story yesterday. About half way through. Since we’re no longer doing diner this summer, maybe we can do this instead.

Writing, writing, writing…

Mike is two days away from handing me a new draft of the Diner Movie. When I sent him draft two, it was well over 120 pages. His job was to put his stuff in AND cut it down to about 100. He said he cut a lot of stuff (dialogue), so when I get it back we should be fairly close to done.

He also sent over the outline for the film him, me, and Luke are going to do this summer.

I’m about to read over one of my favorite short stories of all time again, and begin writing a draft for it. Thankfully, the story is in the public domain, so no rights need to be obtained for it. I’d like to do it over the summer, but more on that as it develops.

I went to a planning meeting for the Ocean County Library Film Festival tonight. It was the woman whose running it and mostly high school kids. It was sort of interesting, a lot of the organizational stuff should have been cleared up before they started accepting submissions. However, they did get a cool guest speaker for the festival itself, so it should be interesting.

Sent out a bunch more Leeds DVDs to festivals this past week. I hope we get in most of them, because it’s costing a lot to enter it.