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Fort Mifflin, Ties That Bind, and more!

How ya been?

First off, let me officially announce that the contracts are signed, and I now have the rights to Brian Keene’s short story “The Ties That Bind.” This will be one of the projects I do this summer. I’m very excited about it!

I went out with the Garden State Ghost Hunters ago a few weekends ago to Fort Mifflin.

I had an absolute blast, as they are great people to begin with, and the investigation itself was awesome.
First off, if you’ve never been there, go check it out. Even without the ghost hunting part, Fort Mifflin is a historical landmark, and definitely worth the trip.
Ghost Hunters were their for the season premiere for this past season, but I didn’t get a chance to see it.
Regardless, I made my own memories there.
About nine of us went. The place was creepy as hell…in the casemates, when we went lights out, it really was lights out. Most places, after awhile, your eyes adjust, but here, there is literally nothing to adjust to. It’s just pitch black. It’s incredible.
We split into three groups of three for the duration of the night.
During one of these ‘lights outs, ‘I got touched on the shoulder by something in the “Powder Casemate.” I turned the flashlight on right after, and no one was near me. Creeped me out for the rest of the night.
My brother, who was in another group, saw ‘shadows’ darting around corners.
Toward the end of the night, we all camped out at the far end of one of the casemates, as far away from the door as possible. We sat in silence for a few minutes, and then everyone heard someone shuffling across the floor to get closer to us. And then, we heard something heavy being dragged across the opposite side of the room (it was in the prison area, probably one of the bunk beds)
All in all, fantastic. Go there. Check it out. Worth the trip

Anyway, some pictures, if interested:

EVPs I got:
Under the Mifflin folder

Explaination of them:
Competition – This is when Rob, me, and Lynda were in the “Powder” casemate. Right after I was touched, rob asked if they could touch you. It sounds like a voice saying ‘competition’ and then we can hear rob saying how cold his back is.
Did You Touch Jeff – Rob asking the question, and then it SOUNDS like a voice in the background…could just be Gary outside, though
Talk To Us – Still in the powder place, rob asked them to talk to us, and toward the end of the clip, it sounds like someone sighing heavily. I don’t remember rob or me or lynda doing that.
Voice in Kitchen – I was with Ronnie and Marissa in the kitchen area, and we were doing EVP work. No body asked a question here, and we were just silent for a few minutes, and then this voices talks. I have no idea what it is saying. It could be Ronnie, but he speaks right after the voice, and it doesn’t sound the same.
Who Is It – Elizabeth’s room. rob asked if it was elizabeth, or who is it, and as soon as you’re done talking, it sounds like ‘me’
Howl – From Rob’s recorder. Right before Bryan speaks, there is a strange noise…personally, for those of you who watch LOST, it sounds like the Smoke Monster about to attack, haha
It Does Move – From Rob’s recorder. We were in the casemate, and Rob felt his bunk shaking. They were trying to see if it shakes on its own, when a voice says “It does move”
What’s Your Name – Two versions of this. One from Rob’s recorder, and then one from mine, with the extra noise removed. While in the casemate again, Rob asks what their name is, and something responds. It’s hard to hear in his, but in the cleaned up version, it does sound like it says a name
Yeahhh – Rob proclaims his dislike for spiders, and an incredibly freaky voice says “Yeahhh…” right before Rob spots something

Totally awesome stuff. Hope you enjoy!