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Two weeks later…

So, I meant to write this the weekend after the shoot, but funny how time flies, eh?

Now we’re two weeks since filming wrapped on “The Ties That Bind,” and I’m actually glad I didn’t write anything until now. It gave me a chance to really check out the footage and see what we got before I jumped right into it.

Anyway, let’s start with the rundown of the weekend (or what I can remember of it…it seems so long ago now!).

Wednesday night (October 22nd), we had a dinner meeting at The Ocean Queen diner (between there and the Rainbow Diner, they pretty much double as our production offices when we film anything!). Kevin, Logan, Mike, and I went over last minute details, questions, and so on. Kev and Logan also “acted out” the storyboards I drew with their own story. It was a shame the camera wasn’t running then, because it was hilarious.

I didn’t sleep at all that night, as I’m sure you understood from my last post, so no need to get into that again.

Thursday morning, I picked up Logan from the hotel and we drove to Mike’s house. His dad was kind enough to draw us a map of how to get to the farm:

It’s to scale, in case you wanted to know. It also wasn’t entirely accurate, which we found out once we got into PA.

After a long drive, we met up with Mike (who we will refer to as Gorebeast for the rest of this entry to avoid confusion between the two Mikes), who was coming for the day to help us out.

We checked out the entire farm, which Mike’s family was kind enough to let us use! It was pretty awesome…and it was a working cow farm. So the burgers that greeted us for lunch when we got there were from cows that they had raised right there. And god damn, they were delicous burgers.

The rest of Thursday was spent rearragning the upstairs bedroom and tying Logan to the bed. We shot until about 1 in the morning, and then stayed up another hour or so to check out what the footage looked like.

Friday we were up early, and waited for Lori to arrive. The gorgeous weather we had the day before (when we didn’t need it!) turned into an overcast day. Making due with what we had, I think the shoot went very well for that day also!

Overall, it was very smooth…no problems whatsoever (except for a visit from Mark Wahlberg).

I’ve been compiling the footage and editing the past two weeks. So far, the second half of the film is just about done, and the first half is getting there. I got to say, though, the footage itself looks gorgeous. You really need to see it on a TV to get the full effect, but it looks incredible.

So, I hope to have a rough cut by the end of the month (especially so I can show Keene and the other FUKU guys when I see ’em), and have it completely done by Christmas.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery for some behind the scenes photos and some stills from the film!