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The Ties That Bind Website is Live!

After slacking for the past few months getting it up and running (I’ve just been using this site for all info on the film), The Ties That Bind finally has it’s own website up and running!

Check it out at

I’ll be posting some information about the DVD there as well in the coming months. It’s all finished, minus the commentary, so as soon as we record that, expect an announcemnet!

Review of “The Ties That Bind” on Dread Central!

I found a really great review from Dread Central about “Ties.” I’m pretty pumped about it! When one of the biggest horror websites gives you a good score, you just have to feel good about it!

A little except from it:

Heimbuch, who’s written and directed several shorts in various genres over the last couple of years, handles the visuals competently. There’s no flashy or gimmicky camera work here, which, in an age of shaky cam and over-stylization, is a breath of fresh air.

Heimbuch’s real strength, though, is in working with actors. When performers get what they need from their director, whether it’s comfort and understanding or to be challenged and pushed, they seem to give better performances. I think this tends to be a problem with a lot of low budget work; the directors are newer and not as sure of themselves so they aren’t able to provide their cast, who are also newer and not so sure of themselves, with the support they need, which ends up resulting in a bad performance. That is definitely not the case here.

The reviewer also says a lot of nice things about Kevin and Logan’s performances.

We wound up getting 4 out of 5 Knives! Go us!!!

You can read the entire review over at Dread Central by clicking here.