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Time travel makes our head hurt…

You see that paper along the time of the wall there? That’s the visual timeline I made for The Device to help keep track of everything. It was boggling my mind until I laid it all out in real time. To say it’s going to be a complicated shoot is a bit of an understatement!


I know, despite the fact that I’m a social media whore, I’m a few years behind the curve on this one….but Bamfer Productions finally has a Facebook page! You can come be friends and like us over at


The Device

We’re happy to announce that pre-production on our next short film, The Device, has begun! The film will be directed by Jeff Heimbuch, and produced by Matt Blazi.

‘The Device’ is a short film with a unique twist on the time travel genre.

As for the plot: The hooded figure following him and the dead body he finds in the woods are the least of Robert’s problems when he comes across THE DEVICE.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve cast Chris Costa in the starring role of the film!

Chris has a great background in film and theater, and we’re happy to have him aboard the production. We aim to shoot in April, and we’ll have more updates on the films progress as it comes along!