Bamfer Productions was founded in early 2002 by Jeff Heimbuch. Jeff always had a love of movies growing up. Every since seeing “Army of Darkness” in the theaters when he was younger, he knew that making movies was what he wanted to do with his life.When high school was finished, he took a public speaking class over the summer before college began. For his final project, he was assigned an “entertainment speech.” For this, Jeff created the character of The Luchadore. Taking it a step further, he made his first short film to accompany his speech. From there, his infectious love of film grew.

Since then, Jeff has had his hand in many films, whether they were his own, or helping out friends with their projects. Bamfer Productions has received numerous awards as well, from film festivals all over the country.

As well as films, Bamfer Productions has produced three live concert videos: two for Streetlight Manifesto and one for The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches.

With several more feature-length screenplays written and ready to go, Jeff continues to forge ahead with Bamfer Productions, and hopes to continue to make films that everyone can enjoy. Though he started by making short films with his group of friends, Bamfer Productions has grown into a full fledged production company.