How to Choose Car Audio for a Convertible?

Installing a good car audio system in the convertible can sometimes be challenging because of wind and road noise. Before the summer, I did some research about convertible sound systems, so let me share with you what I have found out.

How to choose the best car audio for a convertible? The most important in the convertible are powerful speakers with high sensitivity that can play loud because when driving without a roof, the majority of sounds made by typical car speakers will disappear. Learn more about effuel benefits for your engine.

To get a good bass in a convertible, we should install a subwoofer that will create clear and precise bass.

And finally, all the drivers should be powered by an efficient car amplifier, because no factory head unit will be able to produce enough power for all speakers and the subwoofer.

The article below will explain what to focus on when completing car audio for the open roof car.

Tip: Replacing factory speakers in the convertible with quality aftermarket requires a different approach than in a car with the hardtop. Speakers have to be strong with high sensitivity, and also should be made from materials able to handle sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. If you want to have the best speakers for your convertible, check out these quality speakers on now.

How to Make Clear Sounds in the Convertible?

For the excellent music quality in the convertible, you need speakers with high sensitivity to make them really loud and a powerful subwoofer for strong bass.

Ideally, if speakers have low impedance, that will drive a lot of power from the amplifier. This, however, may be an expensive option. Nevertheless, it is worth spending the extra money to make a better sound in the convertible.

The same for the subwoofer, because as long as you have the roof closed, the music will be crystal clear, but with the roof down, all sound waves will dissipate.

Depending on the car, you may not have much room for the proper size speakers like 6” x 9”, or 6.5”.

Although smaller speakers can be great for high tones, they will not create enough depth in the mid-bass range, and if you want to improve bass in the convertible, a good subwoofer will be mandatory.

It does not mean that you have to install two 2000W 15” drivers, especially when open roof cars have small trunks and you do not want to use that space completely.

With lack of space, the right solution will be installing two separate 8”, or 10” woofers on both sides of the trunk.

If the room in the trunk is a real problem, there are available flat under-seat subwoofers, like Alpine PWE-S8 (link to Amazon opens in the new window).

Although under-seat subwoofers are least powerful of all available, they provide a good experience, especially when we sit a few inches above them.