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The Ties That Bind In Texas

For those of you attending the World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas this weekend (April 28-May 1st) can catch The Ties That Bind during their film screenings!

It’s playing on Friday, April 29th during the Friday Night Carnival, 8:30-11:30 in the main programming room. No idea what time it’ll ACTUALLY screen, but it’ll be sometime in there.

While you’re there, be sure to check out our good friends Reel Splatter Production’s Demonstration of the Dead, also playing during that film block! That one features a cameo appearance from Brian Keene.

If you check it out, let us know how it goes!

Lancaster Area Film Festival on May 2nd!

The barrage of national and international film festivals that The Ties That Bind will be playing at has begun (we already have 5 acceptances, with more to come!)!

After a successful premiere screening at the Garden State Film Festival, Ties is now embarking on a world tour, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going to try to get to as many of these festivals as I can, but who knows!

In any event, the next festival is at the Lancaster Area Film Festival (or LAFF for short!) Along with The Ties That Bind, you can also check out some of friend’s work as well! Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions will be on hand to show Demonstration of the Dead (which has a cameo from Brian Keene!), Womb For Two, and Dr. Blood’s Cinema Dungeon. Pat Dougherty, filmmaker co-hort of Mike “Gorebeast” Antonio will be showing Elkton’s Undead and They’ll Never Get Me (both of which feature Gorebeast himself!).

Not only that, but there are over 25 MORE films that will be playing.

Also on hand to support to films and do signings will be Brian Keene and JF Gonzalez.

And finally, I’ll have a bunch of Bamfer Productions t-shirts and Ties posters to give away! How can you go wrong?!

For a full schedule of screenings and more, check for more details!

Also, here’s a neat little poster that Pat Dougherty made up to promote our films!


Hope to see you there!

Home Grown Horror!

Howdy folks!

Another successful year at the Garden State Film Festival!

We came home with the “HOME GROWN HORROR” again! Go us!

Head over to The Ties That Bind page to see a video journal of our adventures from the entire weekend!

Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for the Garden State Film Festival are now on sale!

Go to to buy tickets for the screening of The Ties That Bind!

The Ties That Bind World Premiere Screening!

Brian Keene’s The Ties That Bind
at the
8:30 PM
At The

Yes folks, that’s right. We have a date and time!

Even though Ties IS screening the weekend before at a much smaller festival, the Garden State Film Festival will be our big premiere.

Luckily, we got a great time slot (Saturday night 8ish is always the best!). However, this does mean that we’ll be play directly against whatever “big” movie is playing at the festival at the Paramount this year. But whatevs. We tied for “audience choice” last year with the big film, so I’m confident we can do it again!

And we got a great venue, too. Though The Paramount Theater is the big one for this festival, The Berkeley is just as good, if not better, for this film. It’s a gorgeous, historic hotel that dates back to the glory days of Asbury Park. And it’s directly next to the hub of the film festival, The Paramount.

Not only that, but it seats 300 people! Which, compared to last year’s screening at The Wonder Bar (fit 150 people, and we squeezed in 200), is pretty good. We’ll be in the Continental Room (make sure you go to the right place, there’s another room with another screening block at 9PM!)

In any event, you are all welcome to come!

Let me give you a breakdown of how the screenings work, though. You buy a pass for a “block” of film screenings. Each block is about 2 hours long. Within that block, you usually get one “feature” (that’s a relative term, here, however) and a bunch of shorts. Usually the block is tied together by a common theme. The theme for this block seems to be “Free for all” though. Seriously. We got horror, animation, thriller, comedy…everything! If anything, the theme is Kevin Interdonato, as he is in TWO of the films (Ties and the feature for our block).

Anyway, the idea is to get there early to get a good seat. If you get there late, and the seats are filled, you probably won’t be let in (until after the screening starts, and then we’ll sneak you in).

Tickets are $10, and weekend passes are $45. Weekend passes are now on sale, but I’m sure you don’t want that. Give it a day or two, and regular tickets will go on sale.

Check out and click on PASSES to buy tickets. You have to find the screening you want, and then select the BUY TICKETS link right next to it!

Or, just visit to purchase tickets directly for this screening.

There’s an opening night party on Friday night, but it was lame as hell last year. If enough of you guys want to come out and actually do come out, I have no problem getting a couple of rooms at the Berkeley (or somewhere else) for the night, and partying with you guys into the wee hours of the morning to celebrate the film.

So, if you’re in the area April 4th, please, please, please, PLEASE! come out and support the film. I’d love to have you there!!

Garden State Film Festival

So, this past weekend was the Garden State Film Festival, and the premiere of Leeds Point.

Friday night was the opening cocktail party, where Mike and I were out in full force promoting our film. We put posters and little fliers EVERYWHERE hoping that people would see them and come out.

We also learned that our venue was changed yet again. The 5th Ave Pavilion, where it was supposed to be, was apparently under construction. A lot of it. So they moved us directly across the street, to The Wonder Bar.

Saturday, we spent most of the day wandering around, and checking out a few screenings, and promoting our screening a bit more. By the time 8 PM rolled around, we had a ton of people ready to come see the film.

In fact, they had to turn many people away, due to fire hazards. For a place that fit 150 people, though, we managed to squeeze in over 200, which was pretty awesome. The screening itself was nerve wracking, but it went over extremely well.

Sunday was the awards dinner, which was huge for everyone! Kevin won the Rising Star Award, which is a pretty big deal. He definitely deserves it.

Also, we won Best Horror Feature AND the ever so pretigious Audience Choice Award! Whooo! Go us!

All in all, very good weekend, and more festivals to come.

You can check out all the pictures and press coverage we got over at the photo gallery I set up.

Leeds Point Premiere!




General Information at:

Please come join us…it’ll be awesome!

Writing, writing, writing…

Mike is two days away from handing me a new draft of the Diner Movie. When I sent him draft two, it was well over 120 pages. His job was to put his stuff in AND cut it down to about 100. He said he cut a lot of stuff (dialogue), so when I get it back we should be fairly close to done.

He also sent over the outline for the film him, me, and Luke are going to do this summer.

I’m about to read over one of my favorite short stories of all time again, and begin writing a draft for it. Thankfully, the story is in the public domain, so no rights need to be obtained for it. I’d like to do it over the summer, but more on that as it develops.

I went to a planning meeting for the Ocean County Library Film Festival tonight. It was the woman whose running it and mostly high school kids. It was sort of interesting, a lot of the organizational stuff should have been cleared up before they started accepting submissions. However, they did get a cool guest speaker for the festival itself, so it should be interesting.

Sent out a bunch more Leeds DVDs to festivals this past week. I hope we get in most of them, because it’s costing a lot to enter it.