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The Device

We’re happy to announce that pre-production on our next short film, The Device, has begun! The film will be directed by Jeff Heimbuch, and produced by Matt Blazi.

‘The Device’ is a short film with a unique twist on the time travel genre.

As for the plot: The hooded figure following him and the dead body he finds in the woods are the least of Robert’s problems when he comes across THE DEVICE.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve cast Chris Costa in the starring role of the film!

Chris has a great background in film and theater, and we’re happy to have him aboard the production. We aim to shoot in April, and we’ll have more updates on the films progress as it comes along!

Video Shoot!

As I mentioned back in August, I was going to begin working with my friend Jess Vogel doing weddings and engagement shoots. Jess, an accomplished photographer in her own right, has been doing photo shoots for weddings for awhile now and we decided to join forces to make some interesting photo & video packages.

Well, Jess & I did our first engagement shoot for Angel & Jason not too long after announcing our partnership, and I just finished putting the video together for it. I think we make an excellent time, and the bridge & groom to be were very happy with our work!

For the video, I was going for a home movie type of feel, with it being a little rough around the edges to make it feel more “real,” but not take away from the professional look of the project. I think it turned out quite well. Please take a few minutes to view it for yourself and leave some feedback!

You can see it on either Youtube or on Vimeo. Be sure to watch it in its full HD!

For more information on our wedding & engagement packages, check out

Getting Married?

I’m super duper excited to announce this. I’m going to be working with one of my best friends in the entire world, Miss Jess Vogel, doing wedding videos in the very near future.

I’ll let her do the talking here, as this is directly from her website:

I’m so excited to announce that I will be working with filmmaker Jeff Heimbuch of Bamfer Productions. Jeff has been one of my best friends since I have been 15 or 16 years old, and with an extensive background in various types of film- he’s going to begin work in my favorite genre: ROMANCE!

I’ll begin to offer packages with video included in both the engagement session and the wedding, however this won’t be your average wedding video with slide cuts and fades… this will be a cinematic production. I can’t wait till our first shoot together so I can show exactly what I mean. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a collaboration!
I can’t wait for this either. For more information, please check out her website at

We’ve been quiet…

…I know.

But for good reason. Lots of fun stuff coming up soon. Promise. I wouldn’t lie to you. Really.

Come back soon for a big, big announcement. Really.

Movies, movies, and more movies…

I love it when projects come together…

As you already know, Drunken Tentacle Productions is hard at work doing pre-production for our first film. Expect a big announcement coming soon, announcing what the big feature project is, who is involved, and just how kick ass it’s going to be.

Since that movie is going to take up a LOT of my time in 2010, especially during the actual filming, I’ve got two smaller projects that I’ll be working on before then.

First up is a short of my own doing called Shelter 7. It’s a character driven, post apocalyptic tale that I am actually quite proud of. I hope to get that down before the year as it, as long as I can iron out a few little kinks in the story.

Then, I optioned a lovely little short story from the lovely Alethea Kontis entitled The Monster & Mrs. Blake. It’s a children’s tale that I absolutely adore, and it has a lot of potential to be a creepy little kids movie. I’m very much looking forward to that one. You can read the story itself at The Story Station.

Stay tuned for more info…

Massive News Update: DVDs, Merch, and Appearances!

Though the website has been quiet lately, things have been gearing up over here at Bamfer Productions with lots of new stuff going on.

First off, we are very close to selling out of The Ties That Bind DVDs. Remember, this is a very limited run, folks, and once they are gone…they’re gone! We’ve got a few left in stock, as does Horror-Mall, but they are selling like hot cakes. And, I just wanted to say thank you guys again. Since the DVD went up for preorder, it’s been the #1 selling DVD on Horror-Mall the past two months. You guys are awesome. Thanks for that.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet, head on over to The Ties That Bind Storefront to get yours today before they are all gone!

Speaking of buying stuff, we’ll be selling some cool BamProd gear in a few weeks! The initial test run of shirts and sweatshirts went well, so it’s about time I open up the store to the public. Be on the look out for shirts, pull over hoodies, zip up hoodies, and even hats in the next few weeks. We hope to have them before the month is out, so stay tuned! Along with clothing, I’m going to put The Ties That Bind poster up on the storefront as well, since there seems to be a huge demand for them!

Speaking of the end of the month, if you’re in the Hunt Valley, Maryland area from September 25th-27th, come on out to HorrorFind Weekend! I’ll be there the entire weekend, along with the rest of the guys from Drunken Tentacle Productions. I’ll have some DVDs and posters on hand (and hopefully some shirts, too!), so come find us and say hi, share a beer, or punch Mike Lombardo (of Reel Splatter fame) in the gut! Hell, first person to do that, I’m buying ’em a beer! For more info on HorrorFind, check out their website

Also, after that weekend, expect a very BIG announcement. Huge, major news is coming your way. I’m excited. You should be too.

That’s all for now, and hope to see some of you folks soon!

Save New Jersey Film

A few years ago, while still in college, I interned at the New Jersey Film Commission, located in Newark, NJ. That semester was probably one of the best of my entire college career.

Working on that side of the business that I loved so much was definitely an eye opener, and made me see things in a completely different perspective. It taught me a lot about the business end of things, and how much hard work really goes into getting a film off the ground. It also provided me access to my first real ‘on-set’ visits (Find Me Guilty and War of the Worlds) that I still cherish to this day.

Not only that, but I made some great friends while there. David S is the second in command at the NJ Film Commission, and a great guy. He has a real love for movies, and will talk your ear off endlessly about them. He was incredibly smart in the business end of things, and really knew how to get stuff done. Steve G, third in the chain, was always there to tell me a story about the ‘biz’ that I would enjoy, and answer any of my (seemingly endless) questions. Andrew and Charles, also in the office, were also fantastic people. Andrew always made me smile with his overly sarcastic readings of that day’s Family Circus (‘And, haha, get this…and then PJ says…’), and Charles is a great friend that I still constantly speak with today.

A few weeks ago, at the Garden State Film Festival, I ran into Dave again. He was there with his partner in movie making crime, checking out this year’s entries. We were talking for a good while, and he told me that, due to budget cuts, it was almost certain that Corzine was going to shut them down this year.

Truth be told, I didn’t make much of it. The same thing was threatened, back when I was there, and McGreevy was in office. I just assumed that it, too, would pass, and the Commission would continue to live.

But then the news came out about Corzine cutting back on a TON of public spending. Though he eased up on the toll hikes and the closing of the parks, he decided that he still wanted to shut down the Film Commission. This would take place on July 1st, 2008.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

For those of you who don’t know, NJ is literally the birthplace of film. Edison created the first movies right here. Film has a very long, deep, and rich history in the Garden State…a history that still continues to this day.

In fact, last year alone, filming in the state generated $92 million dollars. That’s a lot of money.

However, in an age where Corzine is making off the wall decisions to ‘balance our budget,’ he is cutting off several aspects of our state that are pretty much guaranteed money makers.

I’ll admit to you all, in the grand scheme of things, I’m no one. However, I am a lover of film, as it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about. And as much as I rag on it, I love New Jersey. I grew up here, and all of my memories are of this place. Hell, this is even the birthplace of film for ME.

Closing the New Jersey Film Commission would be a tragic mistake. Not only would it cut back a great deal of revenue that this state undoubtedly needs, but it would also cut short the life of film in New Jersey.

I don’t ask you for many things, but I will ask this. Please visit and read what they have to say. Sign their petition. Send in a letter. Do anything that it takes to help save film in our state.

Please help stop the closing of what is one of our state’s most valued assets.

Thank you.