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The Ties That Bind & Leeds stuff

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, it’s been awhile since there was anything of substance in this journal. Hell, I could have written this weeks ago. But I’m lazy. So sue me.

So, without further ado, I present to you the cast of THE TIES THAT BIND.

As per usual (is anyone really surprised?), the movie will star the one and only KEVIN INTERDONATO.


It will also star the very lovely and very talented LOGAN TRACEY.


I have worked with Kevin (Off The Island, Leeds Point) and Logan (Leeds Point) before, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be working with them again. Working alongside me (while wearing many hats, both literally and figuratively) will be my partner in crime, Mike (Santo) Scardillo.

We’ll be shooting on Thursday October 23rd and Friday October 24th in Maryland (Whoo, on location shooting!). I’m super pysched to be doing this, and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the film when it’s done.

For those of you who visit the main page of the site, you already know there’s been a teaser trailer floating around for a few weeks. In case you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on YouTube:

Speaking of Leeds Point, we (meaning Mike, Kevin, and I) recorded a commentary for it yesterday. Had a blast doing it, as it was everyone’s first commentary. The DVD will be available on Amazon in about a month or so. So that’s exciting.

More news and pictures to come soon!

Another newspaper appearance…

This time from THE BRICK BULLETIN.

Check it out:

Radio Interview

So, Mike and I will be on the internet radio show THE FIXX tomorrow night to talk about LEEDS POINT
Feel free to call in and harass us.
You can listen LIVE at
The show starts at 6, but we won’t be on until around 7ish.
Listen in, and gives us a call. Hopefully it’ll be fun!

Garden State Film Festival

So, this past weekend was the Garden State Film Festival, and the premiere of Leeds Point.

Friday night was the opening cocktail party, where Mike and I were out in full force promoting our film. We put posters and little fliers EVERYWHERE hoping that people would see them and come out.

We also learned that our venue was changed yet again. The 5th Ave Pavilion, where it was supposed to be, was apparently under construction. A lot of it. So they moved us directly across the street, to The Wonder Bar.

Saturday, we spent most of the day wandering around, and checking out a few screenings, and promoting our screening a bit more. By the time 8 PM rolled around, we had a ton of people ready to come see the film.

In fact, they had to turn many people away, due to fire hazards. For a place that fit 150 people, though, we managed to squeeze in over 200, which was pretty awesome. The screening itself was nerve wracking, but it went over extremely well.

Sunday was the awards dinner, which was huge for everyone! Kevin won the Rising Star Award, which is a pretty big deal. He definitely deserves it.

Also, we won Best Horror Feature AND the ever so pretigious Audience Choice Award! Whooo! Go us!

All in all, very good weekend, and more festivals to come.

You can check out all the pictures and press coverage we got over at the photo gallery I set up.

Leeds Point Premiere!




General Information at:

Please come join us…it’ll be awesome!

Leeds Point

For those of you who pay attention to the main page, I worked on my first feature film over the summer with my partner in crime, Mike. We both co-wrote the script, and I helped produce, and he directed it.
It’s called Leeds Point, and it’s based on the local legend (in NJ, at least) about the Jersey Devil.

For the better part of August, we geared up for production. Then, for six days straight, we shot the film. It was a long, straining process, but we did it. And the results are amazing.

The film is now complete, and being sent off the festivals. We will probably have our premiere screening at the Garden State Film Festival in April. I’m really excited for it.

For more information, head back to the main site, and click on the Leeds Point tab. There’s a summary, cast list, and even a teaser trailer.

I’ll be sure to write more here as we add more screenings!