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The reviews are in…

Like I said in the last post, the screening went awesome. Most of the cast was there, as was a lot of people from the school and some family. Everyone had a blast. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the film!

It’s been just a few days, but we’ve gotten some fantastic feedback from our online viewers!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Just watched it.. it was really good. I especially liked how you didn’t resolve anything, just like the real show!

And I just want to say that this project must have taken a lot of work and I am impressed!

That was pretty good, I thought the acting and directing was better than Clerks.

Yes, great job Jeff! Finally got to see this and its better than i expected!

well done and thank you ! you guys rule ! xD

Fucking awesome! Man, you never fail to impress me.

WOW! I’m really impressed, that was “executed” (sorry, stupid pun) perfectly! Really, really cool.

Very nice job. This is good entertainment

How did you DO all of this???

Very nice job on these. Some VERY impressive acting by the lead character on this one. Hope to see more.

Ugh. WHAT?! Confused. That’s so…I mean…I’m blown away!!! Must. Have. More!

So, when you gonna make the next episode? I’m intrigued now. You CAN’T just leave it hanging

thanks its really great.its like a real lost episode so i want more thanks a lot for this stuff

AMAZING. dude, make more.

I got chills at the end when they were dragging Chase away!


The screening went awesome.

Did I mention that “Lost – Off The Island” has been downloaded more than 22,000 times at this point?


Tonight is the night for the Off The Island screening!
It’ll be at
William Paterson University
Hobart Hall Screening Room
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
Doors 7:30, Screening at 8!!!!

We’re done

Did I mention that after months of hard work, weeks of sleepless nights, and days of worrying, “Lost – Off The Island” is now complete and released??

I’m too tired to say any more, other than WATCH IT!!!

Final day of mixing…

Oh man…here it is.

Last night, Mike finished mixing the last of the scenes. They all sound fantastic, and I can’t thank him enough for doing all that work. He did an amazing job. In case some of you are wondering what his work station looks like, here’s a picture:


I’m now in the process of re-piecing every thing together into a final cut, adding in music and some more sound effects. THEN, I have to export all of the audio again to mix the final cut scenes with the music to make sure everything sounds great.

And then we export it all back in again, and viola…Off The Island is complete.

We’re so close, I can test it!

Release is in a little more than 24 hours…


I recently came across a link to a new Dharma font. It’s sort of like Wingdings, but with Dharma logos…

Imagine my surprise when I typed in the capital letter ‘J’ and got the ECDP Logo!

Hell, you can even see it on the page to download the font! It’s the last one they show:

How friggin cool is that?!?!

Sound mixing, Day One

Like I said in the previous post, the test screening went extremely well. I walked out with a lot of notes.

So did Mike.

Today marked the beginning of the sound mixing. This is an aspect of film-making that I’ve never been exposed to before, so it was quite the trip for me. First, Mike came over, and we watched over scenes that are locked. We looked for any abnormal raises in volumes, doubling up of lines, and so on. When we made sure it was perfect (minus one instance where we messed up), we exported each track from the scenes.
We managed to find 8 out of the 15 scenes that are picture locked.

Mike then imported each track into ProTools, and mixed the hell out of it. He had a whole sound station set up on the extra bed in his dorm. It was like a real studio in there tonight, haha.

I don’t even know how to describe what he did, but he managed to fix a whole hell of a lot of things, and made them sound 1000% better. It was amazing. I watched closely to try to pick up on what he was doing.

We did three scenes completely. We’re getting there.

Test Screening

So tonight I held the test screening.

I literally finished editing at 5:52 PM, played racquet ball, came back, finished the DVD at 8:53 PM, and held the screening.

Thank you to all my friends who came out to see the rough cut. I appreciate you coming out, and giving me some feed back.

It went very well, I think. I made at least two pages worth of notes by myself, and then a lot more from audience comments. I know Mike had another two pages worth of notes as well.

So, now I jump back into tweaking the film into its final cut, and then Mike and I are going to spend the week together sound mixing the holy hell out of the film.

Just over a week left to release, folks…

So close to the end…

Number of scenes that are completed rough cuts: 12
Number of scenes that are in progress: 3
Number of untouched scenes: 0

Jesus, we’re close.

Things are coming along smoothly. My friend John made a nice opening for me last night. It looks fantastic. Things that I thought were going to come out bad came out awesome. I’m so happy.

I’m holding a test screening Monday night with some friends for some feedback. Then, it’s fixing some stuff, sound editing, and then it’s go time!

We’re very, very close now…


Heya folks

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that everything is going well, and editing is coming along nicely!

We’ll be done way before our target release date!