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Another newspaper appearance…

This time from THE BRICK BULLETIN.

Check it out:

Radio Interview

So, Mike and I will be on the internet radio show THE FIXX tomorrow night to talk about LEEDS POINT
Feel free to call in and harass us.
You can listen LIVE at
The show starts at 6, but we won’t be on until around 7ish.
Listen in, and gives us a call. Hopefully it’ll be fun!

More websites…

Over at, under Sept. 12th, they have a short little thing about us.

It reads:

“Losties” making fan films
Just like Trekkies, “Lost” fans are turning their obsession into short films that they’re posting on the Internet. One such film, “Lost — Off the Island,” focuses on Scott, a minor character killed off in Season 1.

It links to the article in The Record from yesterday. I’m liking all the press we are getting, as it drives tons more people to the site!

Holy crap…

Since the publishing of that article yesterday, my site stats have sky rocketed!, the first and probably largest website dealing with LOST on the internet today, reprinted the article on their first page…mostly because it mentions their website, but in order to get to that part, everyone has to read the segment about us! So…that’s awesome. Very awesome. A ton of new visitors just arrived. Welcome, guys. Read on. I hope you like what you see!

The Record

Howdy Folks!

If you live in Northern NJ, be sure to pick up a copy of The Record today, as there is an article in it about all things Lost…including us!

There’s a nice front page spread on the “The Mix” section, along with the rest of the article on the back page.

Without further ado, here’s some scans of it!


Front Page (click to enlarge)

Back page (click to enlarge)

If the scans are too hard to read, here’s a link to the text of the article:

Flight815Survivors Podcast!

This is totally awesome.

On the recent podcast from Flight815Survivors, they talk about Off The Island.

You should totally check it out, and give it a listen. They talk about it around the 56 minute mark.

Direct Download (with pictures!):

MP3 Version:

Click here to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes

I also suggest you just listen to the entire show, as it is hilarious and very informative!

This makes me very happy!

More writings about us!

I just so happened to check my Google Analytics, and saw that some more websites are referring this site…so, I checked ’em out, and what do I see? More things written about us!

The Lost Fan Blog

Today I came across a Apparently, they have been working on a fan-made film called “Lost – Off the Island”.

The movie is about Chase Jackson, a private investigator searching for his brother Scott Jackson, who has disappeared on Oceanic Flight 815.

There’s probably a bunch of people out there making “Lost” fan movies and writing “Lost” fan-fiction, but this looks like it has potential. Just look at the set pictures on their production journal and see for yourself. It looks really cool!


Uh, I actually don’t know what this says, because it’s in Spanish (I think). So, if anyone could translate, please do! Also, you have to highlight the page with your mouse in order to see the text for some reason, as it is white words on a white background!

Regardless, this is awesome that people are looking forward to this.

We’ll be shooting the reporter and Michael Orteig segments of the script during the week, so I can edit them together for use on Saturday’s shoot.

Also, again, Sept. 11th, for those of you in Northern NJ, in The Record, look for the article about us and other Lost fans!

Lost Websites!

Two fantastic LOST websites were nice enough to write a little blurb about our project on their sites!

Check ’em out, and what they wrote:
The Lost Blog

September 4th, 2006

Read more: Community

The guys over at Bamfer Productions are working on a pretty professional short film inspired by Lost. The film is called “Lost – Off The Island” and is the unofficial story about the fictional character Chase Jackson’s search for his lost brother Scott (yes, the “Scott not Steve” Scott from Lost).

They have some really nice equipment and are putting in a lot of work so it will be fun to see the result of this ambitious project.

Jeff and the guys at Bamfer have set up a production journal where they document the making of the short so if you are interested in the production process behind a low budget short film, check out their site.

This is a great site run by Andreas, who updates almost daily, about all Lost related news!

Flight 815 Survivors

We here at Flight 815 Survivors, and most probably everyone in the Lost community love fan made Lost stuff. If your reading this then you must do. Whether it be a Fan made music video about Jack and Kate, or a animated banner of locke dancing the MC hammer dance, we all love it because its for our favourite TV show – LOST! Until now, there hasnt been any *real* Fan films for Lost. There are cartoons (losted), there are even spoofs (tost) but i have yet to see a great fan film. Well look no further! I am proud to share some news about an upcoming Lost fan film which has already started filming and from a sneak peak we got to see, i can safely say it is looking to be one of the best lost fan projects there is!

What i am talking about is “Lost – off the island”. What is it about you ask? well the director behind this fantastic project was nice enough to write a blurb about it. here it is :

Hi guys!
My name is Jeff Heimbuch, I’m 22, and I go to William Paterson University. I’m always looking for new things to make movies about, being as how they are my life. A few months ago, I came up with a concept for a ‘fan film’ dealing with Lost. I thought this would be a great way to combine two things I loved the most: film making, and Lost. Anyway, I came up with a short script, and reached out to various Lost fan communities on the Internet for help…from there, this short simple film blossomed into a full blown professional production! Since May 2006, I’ve gotten over 800 emails from people all over the world wanting to contribute any way they could. Well, months later, we’ve finally begun filming, and everything is going smoothly! I invite you to take a look at our production journal ( to follow our films progress, right up to when we premiere it over the Internet on Oct. 3, 2006, one day before the new season starts! I hope you enjoy what you see, and will love the film just as much as we love making it! Feel free to email me at if you’d like to know more!

Plot Synopsis:

Chase Jackson is a private investigator who does a damn good job of finding people.
But when he finds out that his brother, Scott Jackson, has disappeared on Oceanic Flight 815, things begin to change.
A mysterious stranger shows up with some startling answers.
A computer dominates his life.
A very menacing organization is hunting him down.
And just how far will Chase go to save his brother’s life?

So what are your waiting for? Head over to the production website of ‘Lost- off the island’ to get even more info on this amazing film.

Another fantastic Lost site from the UK, run by Tucker!

Head over to their sites through the links above, and then bookmark those bad boys, because they are both pretty kick ass!


It’s official.

The Record, from Bergen county, will be at our shoot August 31st.

The press coverage begins!