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The Ties That Bind In Texas

For those of you attending the World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas this weekend (April 28-May 1st) can catch The Ties That Bind during their film screenings!

It’s playing on Friday, April 29th during the Friday Night Carnival, 8:30-11:30 in the main programming room. No idea what time it’ll ACTUALLY screen, but it’ll be sometime in there.

While you’re there, be sure to check out our good friends Reel Splatter Production’s Demonstration of the Dead, also playing during that film block! That one features a cameo appearance from Brian Keene.

If you check it out, let us know how it goes!

Have you gotten your DVD yet?

The Ties That Bind DVDs have been shipping, and most of them have been recieved so far!

Have you gotten yours? If so, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you!

If you haven’t bought one yet, what are you waiting for? Go get one now at!

Thank You For Making Us #1


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are awesome!

The Ties That Bind DVDs have arrived!


Today I recieved 6 huge boxes from UPS!

That’s right, The Ties That Bind DVDs have arrived at my house, safe and sound. And let me tell you, they look AWESOME!

They even had some left over cover labels, so they sent me those as well. Looks like we can use those for when we send the film out to festivals. Very cool!

In any event, Keene and I will be signing them shortly, and then they will be shipped out to you guys. If you ordered one already, look for an email from me next week when I ship them.

If you HAVEN’T ordered one yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!

Go to and order one today!!

The Ties That Bind DVD Is Available For Preorder!

We’re happy to announce that The Ties That Bind DVD is now available to preorder, with an expected shipping date of August 2009. We worked long and hard on it, and I know you guys will love it.

From the product description page:

From director Jeff Heimbuch comes Brian Keene’s terrifying tale of love, loss… and zombies.

Kyle and Tracey had the perfect life… until the day she was taken from him. In a desperate attempt to win her back from the evil that now inhabits her body, Kyle ties her to the bed. He will soon learn that true love never dies… especially when your wife is undead. Set in the world of The Rising series and based on the critically-acclaimed story from Unhappy Endings.

Commentary with Author Brian Keene and Director Jeff Heimbuch
Behind The Scenes Featurette
Drink Along Read Along With Brian Keene
Garden State Film Festival Premiere Weekend Video Diary
Hidden Easter Egg
And Much, Much More!

This special edition DVD is limited to just 300 copies. Get yours while they last!

For ordering information, please go to

The Ties That Bind Website is Live!

After slacking for the past few months getting it up and running (I’ve just been using this site for all info on the film), The Ties That Bind finally has it’s own website up and running!

Check it out at

I’ll be posting some information about the DVD there as well in the coming months. It’s all finished, minus the commentary, so as soon as we record that, expect an announcemnet!

Lancaster Area Film Festival on May 2nd!

The barrage of national and international film festivals that The Ties That Bind will be playing at has begun (we already have 5 acceptances, with more to come!)!

After a successful premiere screening at the Garden State Film Festival, Ties is now embarking on a world tour, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going to try to get to as many of these festivals as I can, but who knows!

In any event, the next festival is at the Lancaster Area Film Festival (or LAFF for short!) Along with The Ties That Bind, you can also check out some of friend’s work as well! Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions will be on hand to show Demonstration of the Dead (which has a cameo from Brian Keene!), Womb For Two, and Dr. Blood’s Cinema Dungeon. Pat Dougherty, filmmaker co-hort of Mike “Gorebeast” Antonio will be showing Elkton’s Undead and They’ll Never Get Me (both of which feature Gorebeast himself!).

Not only that, but there are over 25 MORE films that will be playing.

Also on hand to support to films and do signings will be Brian Keene and JF Gonzalez.

And finally, I’ll have a bunch of Bamfer Productions t-shirts and Ties posters to give away! How can you go wrong?!

For a full schedule of screenings and more, check for more details!

Also, here’s a neat little poster that Pat Dougherty made up to promote our films!


Hope to see you there!

Home Grown Horror!

Howdy folks!

Another successful year at the Garden State Film Festival!

We came home with the “HOME GROWN HORROR” again! Go us!

Head over to The Ties That Bind page to see a video journal of our adventures from the entire weekend!

The Ties That Bind Poster!

Got the poster back for Ties, and it looks AWESOME.

Painted by the fantastic Alex McVey and layout by the awesome Zach McCain!

Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for the Garden State Film Festival are now on sale!

Go to to buy tickets for the screening of The Ties That Bind!