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Apple – Introducing GLaDOSiri on iPhone 4S

Yes, I am excited to (finally) update my iPhone. Yes, I am excited about the new Portal 2 DLC. This grew out of that love, and my boredom at home one day.


It’s that time of the year again! I will once again be at Horrorfind this year, and it’s going to be awesome.

I still have a few leftover shirts and jackets and Ties DVDs, so come out and find me if you want some. I may even do a contest over twitter, too.

Follow me at for more info and to catch up with me all weekend.

And for more info on Horrorfind, go to

Review of “The Ties That Bind” on Dread Central!

I found a really great review from Dread Central about “Ties.” I’m pretty pumped about it! When one of the biggest horror websites gives you a good score, you just have to feel good about it!

A little except from it:

Heimbuch, who’s written and directed several shorts in various genres over the last couple of years, handles the visuals competently. There’s no flashy or gimmicky camera work here, which, in an age of shaky cam and over-stylization, is a breath of fresh air.

Heimbuch’s real strength, though, is in working with actors. When performers get what they need from their director, whether it’s comfort and understanding or to be challenged and pushed, they seem to give better performances. I think this tends to be a problem with a lot of low budget work; the directors are newer and not as sure of themselves so they aren’t able to provide their cast, who are also newer and not so sure of themselves, with the support they need, which ends up resulting in a bad performance. That is definitely not the case here.

The reviewer also says a lot of nice things about Kevin and Logan’s performances.

We wound up getting 4 out of 5 Knives! Go us!!!

You can read the entire review over at Dread Central by clicking here.

Burlington County Prison with Garden State Ghost Hunters Society

So, this past Saturday, Lynda and I went out with the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society to Burlington County Prison. It was for research for one of the books, and I think this section is going to come out quite nicely.

First off, everyone in the GSGH is extremely nice and welcoming. They made us feel right at home. While they were setting up all of their equipment, Lynda and I walked around the Prison, taking photos, and just getting a general feel for it. It actually would be a nice day trip for a lot of you folks out there who are into historical places. They are open to the general public quite often, and it’s extremely interesting.

By the time we finished, they had finished setting up their equipment. I was very impressed with all of their gear…various camera set ups, EMFs, digital recorders…they pulled out all the stops.

We had a brief ‘meeting’ before the investigation began. Boni and Rob, the co-founders of the group, introduced me to everyone again, and let me explain what exactly I was there for and what I wanted to do. After, while they had a ‘general meeting,’ Marisa, one of their members, and the prison’s curator, took Lynda and I on a more in depth tour of the prison. She explained all the historical, paranormal, and generally interesting aspects of the place.

By that time, it was time for the first ‘lights out.’ We went with Rob and Boni to the top floor to do our investigating. I was impressed with how everyone worked like a well oiled machine together. They all knew what to do and when to do it.

Overall, there was a total of three ‘lights out’ periods, and at the end of each one, the group came back together to discuss their findings, and try to corroborate stories together. It was definitely a fantastic experience for me. I don’t want to go into too much depth(I’m saving it for the book!), but it was definitely well worth my time.

Aside from meeting this fantastic new people (who I hope to go out with again soon!), we definitely saw some things that went above and beyond normal explaination!

Also, as per usual, I took along my digital voice recorder, so when I could easily store all the answers to my questions, and everything else I learned during the night. It also served a dual purpose of trying to record EVPs.

Since my book won’t contain audio, I’m going to post them here for you to enjoy, and explain them as well as possible.

You can listen to them all at

For most of them, I included the original piece, lifted straight from the recorder, and then a version with the background noise modified out. The modified ones have a little bit of ‘electric interference’ but it helps you hear some of them better.
I’ll explain each one the best I can, and where it was taken from:
Unknown Voice 1 – I’m unsure about this one. This is from the first ‘lights out,’ when we were on the top floor. We moved to another debtor’s cell to try EVP again. Rob says ‘Let’s try this again,’ and you can faintly hear something. I could be hearing things, but it could be a voice.
Unknown Voice 2 – This one I’m a bit shaky on still, too. This is from the first ‘lights out’ when we were on the top floor. You can hear it right before Rob asks a question. I vaguely heard something when I was listening, so I isolated the clip, and reduced the noise. It could be a voice from downstairs, or something outside…or something else entirely.
I’ll Fix… – Taken when we were downstairs in the basement, second ‘lights out.’ Rob asks for them to come toward the green light, and afterward, it sounds like “I’ll fix it,” or something to that extent.
Pot Roast – From the basement, during second ‘lights out.’ I didn’t hear it when we were down there, but this is someone saying ‘Pot Roast,’ that Rob and Lynda both heard.
Stop It – Taken during the second ‘lights out,’ right in the hallway where the guard was killed. Rob asks ‘Are you a guard?’ and it sounds like someone says ‘Stop it, stop it!’ Very creepy, considering what happened in that area.
He’s Bad – Taken inside the dungeon during the first ‘lights out.’ Rob asks about a favorite newspaper, and it sounds like a voice whispering ‘He’s baaaad.’
Humming – Second ‘lights out,’ in the basement. Rob heard a woman humming, but no one else did. It sounds exactly like he described it, though. Clear as day!
Screaming/WeCanTellHim – This one, I have absolutely no explanation for. This is during the second lights out, in the basement. There is a bit of commotion of us moving around, and you can hear us talking in the background about something. Then, out of nowhere, a woman lets out a blood curdling scream of ‘No!’, sounds like she’s about to say stop, before she is cut off by a voice saying ‘jesus christ.’ Then, you can hear us talking again before another voice says ‘We can tell him,’ before getting cut off by a rather hostile sounding man saying ‘Shut up, bitch.’ This one literally scared the hell out of me. I got cheers when I heard it the first time. Very, very scary.

You can also view some of the photos I took at

Overall, a great night! Be sure to check out the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society’s website at

A very special thanks to Rob and Boni for allowing me to join their group for this investigation!

March went by quickly…

…didn’t it?

Lines on the Pines went well. Hung out with Harry Leeds for a bit, met some great folks, and had a good time! Next year, I’m going to try to get a table, because my two books should be out by then. I can pimp them out AND DVDs of Leeds Point.

I’m also officially a member of the Jersey Devil Hunters now. When I met them a few weeks ago, they were all super nice, and we had a great time. We spent close to four hours at the diner we met at. I’ll be going on their ‘hunts’ with them soon, so I’ll be sure to tell you some of the stuff that goes on. I’ll also be taping it as well, so look for a video ‘blog’ too.

The investigation with Jersey Shore Paranormal was canceled, but they are looking to reschedule for sometime soon.

April is a busy month for me…hunts, investigation with Garden State Ghost Hunters, the Garden State Film Festival…should be a nice one for me.

Investigations, Interviews, and Lines on The Pines

I have fairly busy week lined up in front of me. Should be some good stuff!

First off, this Sunday is the 3rd Annual ‘Lines Of The Pines’ festival at the Clearwater Casino down near Atlantic City. It’s a big conference where a bunch of local authors get together to peddle their wares and there are a few panels about Pine Barren folklore.

The big draw for me is that Harry Leeds, supposed descendant of the Jersey Devil, is the one that invited me down. He’s going to be there, along with a few people that have had experiences with ol’ JD as well. So, I’m basically going down to meet him finally, after trying to get together with him before we shot Leeds Point last summer. It will be nice to finally talk to the man. Every time I speak to him on the phone, he’s always so full of information, and so willing to help. I’m dragging Lynda along with me, so at least I’ll have some company.

Tuesday night, I’ll be heading down south yet again to meet the NJ Devil Hunters for an interview. Not a book interview, mind you, but to join their group. I applied a long while ago, and they just started getting back into the devil hunting game again, and they got back to me.

I talk to Laura Leuter, the leader of their group, on their message board occasionally, so it will be nice to meet her as well. If they like me and invite me to join their group, I’ll get to go on some hunts with them. That’ll be great stuff for the book.

And finally, on Friday the 14th, I’m heading to Millville, NJ with the Jersey Shore Paranormal group for an investigation. I don’t have all the details on it yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it!

I’ll let you know how everything turns out!

Soft Skin

I sent off my short story, “Soft Skin,” to a few horror literary magazines today. I’m fairly proud of it. It’s something I sort of wrote on a whim a few weeks back while working at IVD. It was my last week there, and I literally wasn’t doing anything work related the entire time, so I thought I would do something productive! I banged it out in about an hour, and I’m real happy with it. It’s something that was kicking around in my head for awhile, so I’m glad I got it down. I won’t hear anything back from anyone for a few weeks, but I’m confident someone will pick it up.

I started my job new at Meridian last week…by the time I get home, I’m so tired. I’m finding it hard to write much of anything. I probably just need to get into the groove of things to get used to it before I can function correctly. I’ve neglected Filmophile the past few days, but hopefully I can pick up the slack this week. This is why I was looking for other writers, to help out.

I finished that short script I spoke of last time. I sat down last Sunday and forced myself to do it. I’m proud of that too. I think I did a good job. I sent off the first draft to the author of the original story, so hopefully he’ll get back to me soon. His wife is literally in the last stages of her pregnancy, so I know he’s got his hands full at the moment, so it might be a bit before I hear from him. However, he loved the idea of it period, so I know good things will come of this.

I learned of a few new places today for the ghosts books. I just added them to my (already long) list of things to research. I switched the deadlines for the books, so the Atlantic City area one will be handed in first. It’s just easier that way, because a lot of the Ocean County places are closed until warmer weather.

The Oscars are on soon, so I’m going to go relax before they start.

Books, Pictures, & Updates

So the interview on Tuesday went extremely well. I had a great time, and Gloria Fischer, the desk manager, was very helpful. She showed me around for a little over an hour.

She took me to the catacombs, the Hall of Mirrors, and even to the penthouses! It was fantastic. While I was there, something pulled her hair in the catacombs AND I saw one of those baggage carts move around by itself. Great stuff. You can check out some pictures over at my picture gallery under Flanders Hotel.

I also stopped at Batsto Village, and took a few pictures there. I was literally the only one in the entire park (must have been the threat of snow) so it was a bit creepy. You can find those pictures in the gallery as well.

Today, Lynda and I went to Allaire State Park and to a Quaker Graveyard. Again, those pictures are in the gallery.

On April 19th, I’m going with the Garden State Ghost Hunting Society to the Burlington County prison for an investigation. Should be interesting.
I’m dragging my feet on the script for that other project I mentioned. I really should have finished it by now, and I just haven’t. No particular reason why…I guess it’s just laziness kicking in. I need to get off my ass and write it already.

More editing

I should stop procrastinating and finish editing, already.

Editing is always my favorite part of filmmaking. But apparently not this time.

I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Nov. 15th will be here before we know it!

Surprise next week!

Check back on the 3rd for the trailer!