Every year, the William Paterson Student Film Festival has some sort of “intro” movie that plays before the festival actually begins. In 2006, I was the President of the Student Film Association and in charge of making the intro. I thought it would be cool to do a 24 parody, and have it run throughout the night with an overall plot that the audience could follow. I tried to include things that happened throughout the past few years and in jokes as plot points, like how I was “removed” from president of the Student Film Association earlier that year. Luckily, most of the audience got the jokes, and laughed along with us. Also, the first part of the intro was interactive. There is a point where I walk into the film screening room on screen, and then I then actually walked into the screening room in front of the audience, and interacted with Jack Bauer for the rest of the first act. It was very awesome, and went over extremely well. Hope you enjoy it!