Become part of the story with our interactive productions.

THE MEET-UP: You’ve never seen him before, but he’s seen you. He’s finally coming out of the shadows to deliver a special message, just for you. This uniquely hilarious immersive experience with something that goes bump in the night will took place at Midsummer Scream 2018.

STATUS: Performed live July 28-29 2018 at Midsummer Scream. 

PRESS: My Haunt Life Podcast MSS Wrap-Up, ScreamBox Interview, Haunting Review Video:

RETURN HOME‘s interactive live performance took place on July 28th at 4:30PM at Midsummer Scream. This staged reading of a new episode will included immersive and escape room elements to bring the audience into the show.

STATUS: Performed live on July 28, 2018, at 4:30PM at Midsummer Scream. 

ORDER OF BILETH was a months long, alternate reality immersive experience in which the story followed the First Leading Knight, Steven Lundy. Participants either joined the Order in their quest to bring Bileth back to this world, or tried to stop them by joining The Society. You can read what transpired during the first season of the story here, and find out more overall at:

This experience was created with Mike Lisenbery and Josh Mikkelsen.

STATUS: First Season Complete, currently on hiatus