The Ties That Bind

So what is it: I love Brian Keene. I own all of his books, have all of his (announced) new ones on pre-order, and have spent more money on his stuff than on any other author. For those of you who don't know who he is, he's a fairly popular horror author who is taking the world by storm. At this point, most of his novels have been optioned for film deals, video games and the like, and are all currently in various stages of development. He recently had a book of short stories come out that I really enjoyed. Having been to his website more times than I can count, and meeting him a few times, I figured it was high time I e-mailed him about the chances of a small time film guy getting the rights of one of his short stories.


Thankfully, he was all about it.


After a bit of hard work on the script, and going back and forth with Mr. Keene, I am happy to announce that I have the rights to his short story, The Ties That Bind.


The story is set in the same universe as his popular zombie novels The Rising and City of the Dead. Though the short story DOES contain zombies, what spoke to me about it is that it is essentially a character piece about a man's undying love for his undead wife. 


Expect to hear more about this soon, as we are gearing up production!


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Click here to watch it on YouTube, or watch it below:


So who's in it: Logan Tracey

So how long is it: Not Filmed Yet, but it should be around 15 minutes

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