Here are some links to various other Bamfer Productions websites, as well as some friends of ours!

Bamfer Productions Photo Gallery – Check out various set photos from BamProd films

Bamfer Productions MySpace

Bamfer Productions YouTube Account – Where you can check out some old BamProd movies, and tons of other random stuff not available on the website!

The Ties That Bind Official Website

The Ties That Bind MySpace

Drunken Tentacle Productions – A joint film-making venture I’m apart of!

Adrein Jones Dot Com

Lose The Remote – TV Show I wrote for/acted in/etc in college. We’re bringing it back as an online show!

NJ Devil Hunters – Group that I’m in that researches the NJ Devil

Brian Keene – Fantastic author who wrote the short story that “The Ties That Bind” is based on. He’s also a great guy

Reel Splatter Productions

Kevin Interdonato – The man, the myth, the legend…now with his own website

Logan Tracey – We’ve worked with Logan twice now, and we love her. Check out her website!

Page 626 – I’m obsessed with all things Disney. This is my Disney blog.